Helping Our Best Friends by Bud Moellinger

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Helping Our Best Friends
Bud Moellinger
Aug 26, 2008

Helping Our Best Friends

By Bud Moellinger

One time not too long ago a man found himself walking along a road in the country. He did not know where he was or where he was walking to. The thought occurred to him that he had died and was in fact dead! He reckoned this only because his dog which had died many years ago was walking alongside of him. Although a strange circumstance, he was pleased to see his old best friend again.

As they walked, they came upon a fancy fence that bordered along the road. Soon they came to a fancy entryway, with a magnificent gate, complete with a little guard house. Seeing a man in the guard house, the man stopped and asked, “What is this place?”

“This is Heaven,” the guard replied.

The man said, “We have been walking for a long time, could we come in and get a drink of water?” The guard replied, “Sure, just go up the lane to the Big House, and you will find a cooler with spring water in the shaded arbor next to the Big House. You will have to leave the dog here though,” the guard added. “Dogs are not permitted in Heaven.”

The man just looked at the dog and said, “Come boy, we will be heading on down the road.”

Soon the man and the dog came upon an old fence that really was not in too good of a shape that bordered along the road. Walking along the fence, they approached a gate that was propped open and hanging to the ground by only one hinge. An elderly man was sitting in the shade of an easy-up shelter gazing at the man and the dog.

“Hey partner” the man called out, “Could I get a drink of water here?”

“Sure,” said the elderly man in the easy-up. “Go up the lane to that big grove of trees, there is a spring there with sweet cold water running from out of the hillside.”

“What about my dog?” the man asked. The elderly man replied, “There is a bowl hanging from the tree limb that your dog can use for a drink of water.”

As the man started up the lane towards the trees he asked, “Mister, what is this place?”

“Heaven,” replied the elderly man.

“But that is what they told me the place back up the road was Heaven,” the man said.

“Nope,” replied the elderly man, “That place is Hell; they lied to you.”

“Doesn’t that make you mad that they try to tell people that their place is Heaven,” the man with the dog said.

“No,” said the elderly man, “We are just happy they weed out anyone who would go on and leave their best friend behind.”


Compassionate Veterinary Care (CVC), the arm of Mid American Indian Fellowships that looks out for the Four Legged People of MAIF has had a busy year.

Dr. Sheri and Bud made a trip to the Cheyenne River Sioux Indian Reservation in early May of this year. The weather made the trip difficult, as many of the roads on the reservation were impassible.

Dr. Sheri was delighted in that some of the people from the Cheyenne River area were phoning for veterinary advice. This is part of CVC’s mission, to act as veterinary consultants. Anyone is welcome to phone at any time with questions pertaining to their animal’s health.

Plans are underway to return to Cheyenne River during the first full week of September. MAIF Health Consultants Marcia Rainey, Terry Rombauer and their assistant, Kathy Spinney will accompany CVC on the Fall Trip. Farrier, Peter Francis also plans to go along to work on foot trimming and horseshoeing issues on the reservation.

Our friends on Cheyenne River are pleased that all of these people are coming, and are anxiously awaiting everyone’s arrival.

The latest news from CVC is that on the September Cheyenne River trip we will be taking a new piece of equipment to the reservation. In the past we have done many dentistry procedures on horses. On this trip we will be taking a power float system that will enable us to do more dental work, and actually help patients that we were unable to help on past visits.

On October 25, 2008 CVC is having a Veterinary Clinic at the Francis place near Butler, Missouri.

Spaying and neutering will be available at the clinic as well as needed vaccinations. Anyone intending to bring a pet to the clinic needs to contact Dr. Sheri Moellinger (573) 252-4494 before October 11 letting her know what services are needed.

Also in October, CVC will be conducting the same sort of clinic at the Morning Star Square Ceremonial Grounds in Ozark County Missouri. The exact date has not yet been set, but folks in that area of the country can phone Dr. Sheri for the details at 573-252-4494.

At all of these clinics, the veterinary services will be provided on a donation basis. CVC will not refuse to treat an animal based upon anyone’s ability to pay. For those who can pay, Donations to Compassionate Veterinary Care will be gladly accepted.

Compassionate Veterinary Care wishes to thank all who have donated and supported the work to help the Four Legged people. We are looking forward to seeing all our friends at the upcoming Clinics and at the MAIF Gathering.

Editor’s Note: If you would like to help defray expenses of regular trips made by Compassionate Veterinary Care to the Cheyenne Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota or of veterinary clinics held in Missouri, donations may be sent to

Dr. Sheri Moellinger, DVM

PO Box 320Hermann, MO 65041
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